Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PECS Phase 1 - Physical Exchange

I have prepared the materials for PECS since last year but we have not started it because I wasn't really sure how to do it and I have heard that we have to do it right or else, it doesn't really work. So I started to read the manual and watched some YouTube videos.

Yesterday, we finally started on PECS. Since Rayyan is using PECS at AAS, I know that he has passed Phase 1. Still, we decided to start from scratch so that we can assess how far he is with PECS and ascertain the areas that need improvement.

Phase 1
Goal : Child spontaneously picks up picture to exchange for reinforcer.

1) Two trainers are required to teach initiation (Communicative Partner and Physical Prompter).
2) No verbal prompts are used during this phase. That means, don't say, "What do you want?", "Give me card".
3)Present one picture at a time.
4) Do not conduct training in a single session. Arrange at least 30-40 opportunities throughout the day.
5) Use different types of reinforcers - food, toys, etc.
6) Modify picture to match child's skills.

How it is carried out :
1) Communicative Partner entices child by showing the item (reinforcer). Wait for initiation.
2) The Physical Prompter sits behind the child and physically prompt once child reaches for item. The Physical Prompter can push child's hand towards picture or nudge elbow.
3) When child hands over card to Communicative Partner, the Communicative Partner receives the card and gives the reinforcer within half second and label item.

When the child has reached the goal of Phase 1, which means, the child can spontaneously pick the card up and pass it to the Communicative Partner without the Physical Prompter having to do any prompting, then the child is ready for Phase 2 :)