Sunday, February 20, 2011

Learning Journey

Learning Journeys are an integral part of a school life. Even in pre-school, learning journeys are organised and children learn so much through them. Our dear Rayyan took part in a learning journey around the neighbourhood last week. It was part of the CNY activities so the children were told to wear their New Year clothes. They then walked around the neighbourhood wishing all the residents Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Some walked around with the lion dance costumes and some carried various musical instruments with them, banging along the way!!

Unfortunately, I wasn't there to witness the event but Hubby was there and he took some pictures of Rayyan walking along with the other children. We don't know if Rayyan understood what was going on but the good thing was, he was very cooperative. With Teacher Susi holding his hand, Rayyan walked together with the other children. He didn't cry nor throw a tantrum. He also didn't run or jump around. He even waved at the Daddy when he saw the Daddy taking his pictures!!!! And that made us really, really happy!! :D

Rayyan walking around with Teacher Susi and the rest of his peers :)

Waving at Daddy :D