Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road Trip

Hallooo!! We just came back from our Road Trip! Why I call it Road Trip is simply because we were on the road most of the time!!!

We left for Kuantan, Malaysia at about 6.30am on Saturday morning and we were in the car for about 10 hours before we reached Kuantan!!! Yes, 10 long hours!! We spent the night at a nice resort in Kuantan and then left for Terengganu the next day and that took us another 4 long hours on the road!! Spent the second night at a beautiful, peaceful resort at Lake Kenyir and then we left for KL the next morning!! Yes, another 6 hours on the road!! Spent one night in KL and then left for Singapore the next day!! We only reached Singapore at about 9 yesterday night! It was a really crazy, back-breaking trip and I am just so glad we survived!!! Didn't want to go initially because of the weather and the long journey but my sis had gone through all the trouble with the bookings and we wanted to spend time with my family so we went ahead with the trip. Great family-bonding trip :))

And the best part of it all, Rayyan enjoyed every minute of it!! He didn't even cry during the long car rides, he was totally fuss-free and woke up every morning with a huge smile!! That boy simply loved hotel rooms I tell you :) Everybody was amazed that he didn't throw any tantrums during the journey and he was really well-behaved throughout the whole trip. My sis even commented that he has shown a lot of improvements. No tantrums and was really co-operative during the trip... Kudos to Rayyan!!!!

And here's something I want to share with all of you... During those boring car rides, Rayyan and I managed to come up with a really cute rap song... Enjoy!! :)