Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Now that I have more time to spend with Rayyan, I do more playtime or floor activities with him. I try to follow the floortime concept where I let him take the lead and I will imitate him and then try to get him to follow instructions. Sometimes I will sing to get his attention and do actions (Rayyan loves songs) or I will tell him more about the things that he is looking at that point of time.

I noticed that his play skills have improved. He can pretend to fly an airplane, roll the cars on the bed or the floor, make his animal figurines walk around the house and recently, I taught him how to move the human figurines around a castle and he can play independently with the castle now.

Mind you, this was the boy who had zero play skills. He used to take an animal and just run around the house with the animal. Same with other toys too, he will simply take a toy and run around the house, go back to the play room, get another toy and run again!!!

So, what can I say, I am simply overjoyed with this improvement! Go Rayyan!!!!

Here's Rayyan moving the elephant up and down the window grille. I just taught him prepositions/adverbs (up & down, in & out) so this was the perfect opportunity to practice!

And here's Rayyan flying an airplane... Wheeeeee!