Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My Hubby and I are definitely not JB fans. Can't stand the massive jam at the Causeway! But Hubby had to settle some family matters there during the National Day Holidays so we decided to head over and since we were heading there, might as well make full use of our stay. We booked a room at one of the hotels in JB and was there for a night.

Our worry was that Rayyan couldn't keep still during the anticipated jam so we had to do something to keep him occupied. We borrowed my sister's portable DVD player and voila, he was glued to his seat! Luckily, we had the DVD player coz we were stuck at the Causeway for 2 whole hours! Grrrrrr...

Our dear boy so full of concentration!! Btw, I was pretty agitated actually because he wanted to play the same DVD over and over again!

Our chic and cosy room. Rayyan loves hotel rooms, he loves the carpeted floors and loves jumping on the bed!

The beautiful view from our room. Rayyan was at the window most of the time enjoying the scenery. He couldn't wait to get into the pool!

The surfer boy!!

Goofing around with Daddy!

At night, we went to the fun fair at Danga Bay. He was too overwhelmed by the bright lights and loud music! He didn't cry but asked to be carried most of the time.

And there's a petting zoo too at Danga Bay. I think this place actually amounts to animal cruelty! The animals are chained and placed in tiny cages!! But I am glad that there's a rabbit corner where we are allowed to feed rabbits. Rayyan was afraid at first but later he went over and stroked the rabbits.

A while later, he was feeding the rabbits!! I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw this!

Let's jump with Mummy!

The happy boy jumping and marching away!

Overall, it was a pretty interesting trip :D