Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Play/Study Room

Initially, Rayyan's play room was full of toys. We bought for him toys after toys, hoping that he will actually play with them. Sadly, he only plays with a selected few and doesn't give others even a second look.

Here's a photo of his old play room...

So, we decided to clear his room. We gave away so many of his toys and there're still three big boxes in his bedroom. As advised by Rayyan's teacher, Fadilah, it is best to put out a few toys that he can play with and bring out the rest after we have taught him how to play with them. If you see the photo below, his toys are actually confined to the stepped rack. The others contain teaching tools used to teach him.

And with Teacher Fadilah's help and guidance, we decided to structure it in such a way it is almost similar to the room in his school.

There's a play corner (where the foam mat is), a work corner (next to the play corner) where he does a few activities on his own and a teach corner (opposite the play corner) where we teach him.

There is a 'keep box' next to each table so that he can 'keep' the things that he has completed.

And we will give him a card for each activity so that he knows where to go.

And this new room is so much more conducive and more spacious than the old one. Actually, it is better to divide the play corner and the work corner. For example, a rack can be placed in between the two corners. We have tried that actually but it looked too cramped and we decided to place the rack at the edge of the room. We hope Rayyan will get used to this new setting.

Also, after I have painted his room, I actually read somewhere that it is better to keep the colour mundane so that the child won't get distracted too easily. For better focus, it is best that the room be kept simple. But by that time, I have painted his room YELLOW!!! Yes, he did get distracted at first but now he's used to it already.

We really hope that the room is more conducive for his learning and development. A big thank you to Fadilah for her help! ;)