Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today is a pretty good day

In the morning, I picked Rayyan up from the childcare centre. His teacher said that he didn't throw a tantrum today, that must be because his favourite teacher was around. Before we left, he gave Mdm Teo a hug, waved goodbye and even gave her a 'flying kiss'. He held my hand and we walked together to the bus stop, with him carrying his Mickey bag.

We took the bus and I took him to Century Square. I was apprehensive at first because his Daddy wasn't around. Although he can walk on his own, he sometimes has his mood swings and would want to be carried all the time. And he is sure not light! But he behaved, held my hand, we took the escalator together and he did not run away on his own...

We had our favourite chicken rice. Then I brought him to Kiddy Palace and he looked excitedly at the toys. Nothing usually holds his attention long but at least he shows some interest. And the good thing is (or bad, depending on how you look at it), he never asked to buy anything. It's either he doesn't know how to, not interested or because he has a room full of toys.

He slept in the cab all the way back and at home, he slept in my arms. When he woke up, I let him watch tv for a while and then we had 2 hours of therapy. He complied and did the tasks given, although nearing to the end, he got bored and began to stare into space once in while.

We ate dinner together. He ate his rice spaghetti on his own. The spaghetti was all over his t-shirt but he enjoyed them. He ate like a one-year old but it's not his fault. All this time, we had been feeding him but now, we are more aware of the importance of letting him gain independence. So it really doesn't matter that I had to clean up after that, I'm proud of him.

He did throw a tantrum a while after that because I brought him out to throw rubbish and he thought that I was bringing him out for a walk or something. He was angry and disappointed but his tantrum was manageable. He had another therapy session with his Daddy after that and we brought him to the supermarket.

Now, he is sleeping soundly and indeed, today is a pretty good day. It feels so good to be able to be with him all the time, to watch him and guide him. To give him a kiss and a hug every now and then. To tell him I love him. I wish I can do this everyday...