Monday, April 22, 2013

Spelling Test!

We are extremely, extremely proud of Rayyan today. He scored full marks for his spelling test!!!  

This coming from a boy who simply hates writing!! Few months ago, his handwriting was unintelligible and asking him to write was like asking him to go to the torture chamber!!! But Alhamdulillah (all praises to Allah!), with the help of teachers from Pathlight who placed great emphasis on penmanship, he has shown improvement.  Not only has he shown improvement in writing, he managed to spell all six words correctly!!  Yahooo!!!

So parents, don't give up.  With prayers, effort and patience, our kids will indeed show improvement. Insya Allah :)

PS:  I think I have not blogged about Pathlight but yes, he has been accepted to Pathlight!  One of our prayers was answered!  Thank you, Allah!  Will blog about his acceptance to Pathlight soon but in the meantime, I am simply a happy and proud mummy today! :))