Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It used to be difficult to dress Rayyan up.. He didn't like to wear long sleeves so it was difficult to make him wear shirts, sweaters, jackets, baju kurung, etc. Hari Raya has always been such a stressful period!!

He also didn't want to wear other types of shoes apart from his Crocs. In addition, no caps or other outfits that are different from his usual attire. He still doesn't like to wear caps now but if it's very hot and I explain to him, he's pretty ok. In fact, he has improved a lot in this dressing department!! Thank God!!

Yesterday night, on the way home, he insisted on wearing sunglasses! We relented after a while but had to guide him because we were afraid that he might fall into a drain!! Lol

Wearing sunglasses is another big NO-NO last time so we were pretty tickled. In fact, he is getting cheekier!!!

Here's the cheeky, cheeky boy!!

Walking around with shades in the middle of the night!!

My cheeky boys!!