Saturday, September 24, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011

While most kids are excited about Hari Raya, I think it is a stressful time for Rayyan because Hari Raya means visiting houses and relatives that he's not familiar with, wearing Hari Raya clothes that can get pretty uncomfortable when the weather is hot and having to share his toys when guests come over!

Actually, he is alright with sharing his toys... the more stressful part is visiting people he's not familiar with and when he feels stressed, we are anxious too!! We have to console him and make sure he behaves... we can't let him jump around other people's houses right?

But we try our best to get him used to the whole Hari Raya idea. We try to get him to wear the Hari Raya clothes... found out that the best way is for Daddy to wear first and then encourage him to wear... We keep him occupied at relatives' houses with toys and we do limit the number of houses that we go to each day to ensure that he is not over-stressed.

We really hope that as the years go by, he will have a deeper understanding of Hari Raya and that Hari Raya will be more meaningful and special not just for him but for us too :)

Special memories of Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2011....

Getting him to kiss our hands first thing in the morning.. 
He may not be able to ask for forgiveness yet but the moment was still special for us :)

Fatherly love ;)

Our family portrait even though I couldn't get the perfect shot! lol

Rayyan with his cousins ;)

The beautiful smile we love so much :D

With my beloved mum.. 
Both grandma and grandson were not looking at the camera!

One big, happy family :))))