Sunday, August 21, 2011


Rayyan's 5th birthday is in 3 months time and I am already planning for his party! So exciting! The last time we had a big birthday party for him was when he turned one. I booked a company bungalow at Changi and the theme was 'Jungle Animals'. As I am very into all these stuffs, the planning was very detailed.. I bought balloons and party stuffs all the way from US, ordered a lion cake for him, bought animal party favours, planned many kiddy games and even roped my teacher friends in as party organisers/hosts! His birthday invitation was hand-drawn by Hubby and we even made the birthday banner ourselves!

And I would have done this every single year for his birthday if not for the fact that when he turned two, he started to hate crowd and shunned away from people. Of coz, we want him to be happy on his birthday so for the past 3 birthdays, his birthday celebrations were confined to family members. But this year, I want to do another party for him, not as big as his first one but I want to invite some of his friends over. We want to invite about 10-15 of his friends from school and some personal friends, all as special as he is :)

So yes, we are very, very excited.. The theme has been set and I am surfing the net for stuffs. Hopefully our little precious and all his precious friends will enjoy themselves :D

Memories of Rayyan's first birthday bash...

The invitation card drawn by Daddy

The cute party favours

The birthday boy ;) 

Our precious

Cheeky :P

Lion for Rayyan..hehe.. 
And yummylicious jungle-themed cupcakes :)

Birthday boy overwhelmed by the crowd!

and yes, the words and animals behind were all done by me and Hubby :)

My family members <3