Thursday, September 9, 2010

Head & Shoulders - not the shampoo :P

Managed to spend some quality time with Rayyan this Sept hols. On Wednesday, I brought him out shopping, just the two of us. Usually, I have somebody else to accompany me when I do my shopping as Rayyan can't be still, always running around. He loves shopping malls and gets so excited when he steps into one!

It was definitely no mean feat but we did it!!! I held his hand tightly and reprimanded him when he misbehaved. He tried slipping away from my grasp all the time and succeeded a few times but I managed to get him back. Phew!! The most difficult part was waiting at the cashier's. The queues were pretty long but I managed to make him wait with me. When I was busy at the counter, I grasp him with my legs! Phew! Phew!

It was pretty tough indeed but I think that I should do it more often. He is usually on the loose when I have somebody else with me. I think it's time I make him learn how to wait and be still instead of jumping and running around!

And yesterday, we spent the whole day together. My helper was at my mum's helping with Hari Raya food preparations so I was at home with him. We played together, read together, watched a video together and sang and danced together. Rayyan has always loved doing actions to songs. Since he was about 1+, he already knew the actions to many different nursery rhymes. He is less enthusiastic now but still enjoys it. But the sad part is, he refuses to do these actions in school. Maybe he's shy, maybe he just wants to observe others. I hope he will show how good he is one day.

Here's a video of him doing the moves. Usually he's more focused but he was pretty hyper yesterday. In between, you will catch him dancing! I remember how I caught him dancing about a month ago. He was in his playroom and was standing in front of his mirror. Suddenly, he started dancing on his own in front of the mirror!!! I was so happy!! Praised him and since that day, everybody in the family kept asking him to dance! He obliged most of the time and everybody will be clapping and laughing away!

He is really the sunshine in our lives :D