Monday, February 15, 2010


We were really looking forward to this CNY hols but unfortunately, Rayyan fell sick. Rayyan seldom fall sick but if he does, it will be pretty bad. Even though we gave him cough medicine, he was coughing non-stop yesterday and had difficulty breathing. His chest was heaving up and down and we were so worried that we brought him to East Shore Hospital. We thought that he needed to be on the nebulizer but luckily, the doc said that wasn't necessary and prescribed medicines instead, loads of it! Why do the doctors give so many medicines nowadays?

Anyway, even though our dear boy is sick, he is still as active as ever! And one thing I hate about runny nose is that, our dear boy would 'swipe' his nose at almost anything just to clear it!! I found this out few days ago when I noticed him 'swiping' his nose at a door just to clear the mucus above his upper lip! The next day, I saw him doing it on my tv console! I almost freaked out! Taught him how to use a tissue to clear the mucus and he would do it if we pass him a tissue. If not, he would still swipe his nose using his hands (which is not too bad actually) or a wall or any furniture!!! How to stop him from doing this????