Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Wish

Just celebrated my birthday on Sunday... I am thankful that I am surrounded by supportive, wonderful people.. I feel truly blessed... As I received the bountiful wishes and presents, there is only one wish that I have, only one that is in my heart every time I want to blow a candle, only one that will make me truly, truly happy... and that is... to hear Rayyan talk... that will be my greatest present ever.... I truly hope God will grant me that wish...

And I am not giving up hope... Like his therapists said, he is keeping it all in... everything is inside and he is just not ready to vocalize them yet.. I hope one day, he will overcome whatever barrier that is stopping him from talking... Mummy is behind you my boy..

Also, I received a piece of wonderful news yesterday, Rayyan will be starting AAS in March!! Thank God! I thought that he wouldn't get a place till end of the year or June at the earliest but I am truly glad there is a place for him soon. I hope AAS will be really beneficial for him and that he will make progress there..

Anyway, on a lighter note, we celebrated my birthday at the newly-opened Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World. Let me tell you, Rayyan loves hotels! He loves to jump on the huge, king-sized beds, he loves to feel the carpeted floors under his feet but most of all, he loves the pools! Thankfully, he is not the sort who likes to stick to routines and familiar places. He loves to venture new places, especially big, exciting ones...

My life is fulfilling because of you and you make Mummy's day so special my dear boy... Only God knows how much I love you!