Sunday, February 28, 2010

My name is Khan

'My name is Khan' is a truly moving movie... My eyes were all swollen by the time I left the cinema... It is about a man with Asperger's Syndrome who managed to overcome the challenges in life because of one simple reason... the purity of his heart.

As I watched the movie, the autistic traits seem all too familiar.. difficulty in maintaining eye contact, oversensitivity to sounds, indifference to jokes and criticisms, looking at things at face value, etc... It just sets me thinking about how an ASD adult would be like.... And it somehow seems pretty terrifying thinking of my own Rayyan as an adult...

But that aside, an important takeaway from the movie is simply how a mother's love and values can make all the difference in a child's life... I wish I can be just like Khan's Ammi.. her unconditional love moved me to tears.. She accepted her son for who he is, tried her best to help her son, loved him with all her heart and most important of all, taught him values that guided him in life..

Those values are the things that kept him going... those values steered him to the right path.. those values helped him overcome all the barriers and challenges that he faced.. Even after his mum is gone, he still holds on strongly to those values.

I want to do that for my son.. I want to teach him life skills and skills that will feed his heart and soul, skills not taught in any school...

Please guide me God..