Sunday, February 19, 2012


Last Friday, we went to Airport T3 and Rayyan requested to do wheelbarrows at the big empty space.  Then he wanted to do bear walk and Hubby took the opportunity to get him to do cross leg exercises and we ended up playing catch there!! lol 

The airport used as an exercising ground :)

When we play catch, we are usually the catchers (Rayyan has difficulty taking on the role as the catcher) and whenever we play, Rayyan will usually run a bit and then allow us to catch him! Haha... But yesterday, we ran together..  When I became the catcher, Hubby would lead Rayyan and they would run together.  Then Hubby would guide Rayyan and get him to catch me.

We had loads of fun.  In fact, Rayyan's melodious laughter is still ringing in my head till now.  Rayyan was having such a good time and I was truly happy.  My boy has come a long way.  I am so glad that yesterday, he was laughing along with us and not laughing on his own, for no rhyme or reason.  Well, he still does that sometimes, giggling at something in his head but yesterday, he was totally with us.  And nothing can take away the joy I felt.

Sometimes it just takes an empty space and hearts full of love to make us truly happy :)