Monday, July 5, 2010

Interview with Ma Ma Bao Bei

Like I mentioned before, I don't mind telling others about Rayyan and about autism, especially those who want to know and understand autism better. With that in mind, I didn't really hesitate when I received an email from a writer for Motherhood Magazine (Chinese version) who wanted to write an article about autism. Her name is Si Min and she found my blog through one of the forum groups and wanted to interview me.

So I went ahead with the interview. Si Min also wanted to take our photograph and I did discuss this with my hubby beforehand. Do we want our photograph to be flashed in the magazine? Are we ready? Hubby replied with a confident, why not??? There's nothing to be ashamed of. Sure, our son is autistic but we are not ashamed of him, never! So we decided to have our photograph taken too. And I am glad we had that picture taken because Rayyan looked perfect in the picture. He gave his sweetest smile and was looking directly at the camera!! And that was the very first shot taken by Si Min!

As for the interview, it went pretty well. I know that many other parents have done so much more for their children and know so much more about autism but we basically shared our personal experiences with her. The article was published in the May issue of Ma Ma Bao Bei. We want to thank Si Min for writing the article so that more people know about autism. Thanks Si Min!

Here's the cover of the magazine...

And a peek at the article..

I have the article in PDF format so email me if you want to read it ya..