Sunday, July 11, 2010

Misfortune is a Blessing??

I was watching the Chinese serials when I heard this remark being made... that sometimes misfortune is a blessing... One of the actresses was saying that before her mother met with an accident, she was a hot-tempered woman and very unhappy with her life.. But after an accident struck and she lost her memory and became simple-minded, she became a much happier person.

This remark struck me whenever I recall what happened last week. Last week, I brought Rayyan to the library. Rayyan loves to go to the library. He loves to flip through books and gets excited whenever we bring him to the library. And when he gets excited, he will babble loudly, oblivious to the people around him. We will then put our finger to our lips and tell him to be quiet. He will then imitate us. He will place his finger on his lips too but within seconds, he will start babbling again! When he gets out of control and is too noisy, I will actually bring him to a corner or out of the library as I do not want to disturb other patrons there but other than that, I will actually let him be... I mean, he deserves to go to the library right??

So last week, we were at the library. I asked my helper to sit with him while I walk around and choose some good books for him. As I was walking, I could hear him babbling loudly. My helper will remind him to be quiet and he will be quiet for a while before babbling again. There were not many people at the library and the situation was pretty much in control so I let it be. I took a peek once in a while and noticed a girl who kept staring at him. Then I heard two librarians making a remark that the boy who is babbling loudly is already pretty big but still can't talk... Shouldn't he be in school and receive some form of education so that he will learn to talk?

So obviously they were talking about my son and I couldn't help but eavesdrop on their conversation. I was surprised that I didn't get mad and tell them off. I guess that this must be because I looked at my son then and noticed how happy he was. He didn't know people are looking at him, he didn't understand all these negative remarks about him. He was just his usual happy self, happy in his world.

Hubby was surprised too when I told him of this incident. He also asked me why I didn't tell them off. I answered simply, do I have to tell everyone who talk about him off? Do I have to get agitated at every remark made about him? I come to realise that this is just human nature... we make assumptions... Maybe I would have made the same remark if nothing had happened to my boy. What happened to my boy has indeed made me realise that there is an underlying reason for everything, that I shouldn't make assumptions too easily. I pray to God that those two librarians and others will come to realise this too one day.

So I guess misfortune is indeed a blessing at times. I am somehow glad that my son doesn't realise all these ignorant remarks made about him, that he doesn't understand... I am somehow glad that he is in his own happy world, sheltered from this world where people can get pretty insensitive and cruel. His happiness is all that matters. And as long as I am alive, I will do my utmost best to make him happy..