Sunday, June 27, 2010


Even though Rayyan has no speech yet, he is good with alphabets and words.. this I think is where his strength is and I want to continue to work on it.

The other day, I brought out his magnetic alphabets and taught him to spell. I was so very happy that he was able to grasp this skill pretty fast. At first, we were spelling 3-letter words and what better words to start with if not animals since he is crazy about them! He knows how to spell cow, bee, dog, cat, ant. Then we moved on to other things like car, fan, van... Next, I asked him to spell duck. I have not taught him to spell this word before but he was able to do it! And he even knows how to spell zebra now, which I think is pretty hard.. Mummy is so very proud of you dear boy :)

Also, just the other day, he was with his ipod and he was at this game where he was supposed to identify a specific word out of four words shown... For example, there's jet, bike, book and test. He will then be asked to identify one of the words. I was so happy when I realised that he got the correct words 90% of the time!

Thank you God for all these improvements that I see in him. He is indeed a very, very special boy.. Mummy loves you Rayyan..