Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks

On New Year's Day, we brought Rayyan to the cinema to watch his first movie ever! I wanted him to go through the experience and I also wanted to see how he reacts to movies. The chipmunks seemed like a pretty good movie and since he loves animals, we were really hoping that he will enjoy it and not suffer from a meltdown.

We were actually one hour late for the movie because we had to settle a couple of things and we had to wait quite a bit for a parking space. So we sneaked into the cinema and Rayyan sat on Hubby's lap. At first, he seemed pretty confused by the dark cinema, the large screen and the large audience but didn't make a fuss. He just sat quietly, eyes roaming around once in a while. I gave him some nuts to keep him occupied and realised that it was a bad move because he couldn't stop eating! Once he finished one, he will point and ask for another! I resorted to breaking the nuts into very small pieces!

But well, the good thing is, he was quiet... watching and eating at the same time. Although he seemed to be enjoying the nuts more than the movie, I would say that it was a pretty positive experience. Mmmmm.... What shall we watch next???