Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Picture Description

We bought a set of pictures from ARC (Pathlight Mall) that can be used to help Rayyan in his speech.

The pictures show children and adults doing different kind of activities and behind each card is a set of questions that can be used to ask the children.

Rayyan is still at the beginning stage. He can basically answer simple questions like..
What is the baby doing?
Answer: Crying
Where is the girl?
Answer: Swimming Pool

He still has difficulty forming full sentences and has difficulty answering the WHY, WHO, WHEN questions.

We believe he will improve with time. We just need to be more diligent in guiding him and find more pictures for him to talk about.

Patience is the only way to go!!

The picure cards we got from ARC (Pathlight Mall)

One of the pictures inside.  I like the fact that the pictures are big!

Guiding questions behind each picture :)