Sunday, April 24, 2011


My mom has been hospitalised for more than a week now and our schedule has become really hectic. During the weekdays, we go to the hospital every evening after I finish my work. During the weekends, we go twice a day, trying our best to squeeze some activities for Rayyan in between. I am so glad that Rayyan has been very, very cooperative. He doesn't throw tantrums at the hospital and diligently follows us there... And he has also been eating food at the hospital without complaining! Thank you darling for not making things more difficult for Mummy!

We don't have time to do much learning now that we have to shuttle to and from the hospital regularly. We do whatever we can in the car or the hospital.

Want to hear Rayyan recite the ABCs? He can now recite A-Z when we ask him to without any prompts. But a couple of the alphabets sound the same because he has not mastered the sounds yet. But we know he knows the alphabets, just that he doesn't have the capacity to make the sounds.

For example..
c, d, e, g, p, t, v, z - all sounds like 'e'

There are some others which sound similar and do try to hear the 'w'!! He can't do the 'w' properly but kudos to him for trying so hard!!!

Btw, sorry you can't see Rayyan's face in this video. I took the video the wrong way! lol